Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3 Steps to a Web Hosting Passive Income

You just need to join join Reseller Cluster Reseller.   After this you will be directed to:

Web Hosting Passive Income

Just key in the username that you want and is available, followed by the password, you will then go to:

Web Hosting Passive Income

Once you fill in the details and click, thats all.

Web Hosting Passive Income

Once this is done, you can login and create your own store which is similar to the current Reseller Cluster store.   You can sign up customers and other resellers under you.

One major advantage of Reseller Cluster is the ability to have the self replicating web site for promotion and signing up of other resellers under you.   However the web hosting arena is extremely competitive.   You really need to go all out in the beginning to ensure that you earn a sufficient passive income through this route.

Easy Setup

Saturated market

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